6. 2. 2017

26 years of experience with digital printing machines teached us to be quite conservative in such conclusions. Certain specific and not so variable segment of market like billboard production may have clear winner, but flatbed UV printer has too wide range of product and therefore is no chance to choose best machine. In order to have ideal solution for each type of product produced on UV flatbed machine, we need at least 4 different printers and well educated production team in order to choose right solution for each product. Therefore we have decided to continue with development in all directions and beside 5 machines for high capacity production Durst 1312, 1000 and 800, we replaced HP 7500 by newer version 7600 and in the same time continue with Océ and Fuji Acuity machines for high resolution prints. Each technology has advantages and limits and only combination of all these options let us to be really perfect for the need of our customers.

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