Unwoven - eco alternative to the banner

10. 11. 2022

Among the wide range of materials available for printing at Eclipse, we also have 100% ecological fully recyclable material unwoven.

It is a type of polyester fiber with a weight of 150g / m2 - light, easy to install and economical to transport.

Prints on this material are made in the technology of ecological sublimation printing, which allows for very  expressive colors.

Unwoven is a great alternative to traditional banners. It is intended for internal and external use. Resistant to weather conditions, and the level of water absorption does not affect its appearance.

The mat unwoven surface makes this material non-reflective and perfectly diffuses it, thanks to which it looks very effectively in photos or in film reports. It is used at all kinds of sports and exhibition events as a decoration for bands, fences or shops as a kind of textile pallet decoration or wrappers and promotional dump bins.

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