Inspired by nature, extremely strong and light - honeycomb board products

31. 3. 2023

Honeycomb board consists of several layers and types of paper - an inner part is core -  the cells of which are hexagonal in shape and resemble a honeycomb, and an outer part, parallel flat sheets of paper glued on both sides of the core.

The spatial structure makes the material extremely resistant to compression while retaining the minimal elasticity that is so important in the manufacture of various types of structures, and it is very lightweight.

The unquestionable advantages of honeycomb board, which has been widely used in industry and the transport sector, are now being recognised in the production of POS materials such as floor stands and pallet decorations.

Suitable for printing and cutting, honeycomb cardboard can be used for small construction and heavy-duty production - very strong and thanks to its light weight -  cheap to transport.

The different thicknesses of honeycomb board offer unlimited possibilities for the use of this material. The nature-inspired hexagonal pattern is appreciated not only for its functionality, but also for its aesthetic qualities. The honeycomb structure is the perfect inspiration for designers to give their designs an unconventional, natural eco look.

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