6. 2. 2017

POS products are mostly produced from corrugated cardboard. Such material is perfect from many point of view and the only limit is the high transport costs of ready product, because truck is fully occupied by ready product of weight around 3-4t, once the limit of truck is 22t. Such transport costs are far from costs optimising and in order to help to our clients to reduce these costs, we have decided to offer two new type of service. We have invested into own truck with the special double-decker system that will allow to use truck volume fully and will raise weight of ready products to 6-8t. And second option is to reduce transport costs fully and order copacking directly at Eclipse. Instead of transport to warehouse and than to final destination, stands may be sent full of the goods directly to final address. In addition are safed also packaging costs of stands packed flat on palletts. Such service depends on the distance to the final destination, but in combination with the special double-decker truck it may work for several hundred kilometers as well.

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