15. 3. 2018

Completion of the carton stand from the parts in the plastic packaging with instructions, pack on the EURO pallet, fit the protective cover, load to the truck, load the truck, way on the bumpy roads to the logistics warehouses, unload the pallet on the ramp, place in to the pallet rack loader, then remove it, transport to the workspace, unbanding, throw into the trash all protective packages, unpacking of parts of the stands, orientation in the manual, assembling, copacking ..........

All this not only contributes to the life of the cardboard stand, but it also creates high financial costs that someone - unfortunately, the end customer - has to pay for.


Launching racks on our customers' goods directly in our premises as part of the assembly of the stand immediately after production saves up to tens of percent of the total cost.

Our company has full logistics facilities and comfortable copacking space in the new modern production hall.

We will be glad to be able to convince you of these benefits. You are welcome …

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