One poster in two versions - is it possible?

Citylight day night effect
15. 3. 2022

Citylight posters are an extremely effective element of advertising campaigns, thanks to which the presented brand becomes part of the urban landscape. Attractive graphics and high-quality printout highlighted with light make the message memorable for a long time. Citylights are usually placed in well-located places with high pedestrian traffic like bus stops, stations, shopping arcades, etc., to reach the largest number of potential customers.

Now citylight can be an even more interesting form of reaching the customers. An extremely interesting and effective solution that we can offer our clients is the printing of two properly designed graphics on one citylight poster - one on the obverse as a motif presented during the day, and the other on the reverse as an overprint, which is visible after the poster is illuminated in the evening / at night.

The use of this type of printing means that not only the source of its illumination changes with the time of day, but also the visible graphics. With one poster, we get a fantastic effect of two different motives suitable for day or night.

Our printing house offers high-quality prints of citylight posters in offset technology, on G-print chalk paper dedicated to illumination, 150-170 g.

 The dimensions of our prints, according to the needs of our customers, are adapted to the standard sizes of outdoor advertising media, but also to non-standard dimensions, e.g., illuminated display cases.


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