Our new EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus

24. 1. 2023

How can you get displays in better quality, lower price and shorter terms?

The solution is in investment in the most modern solution on the market. Effi Nozomi is finally a single pass that brings the quality, speed and sustainability required by European customers.



309 760 kWh of power saving means saving 133 197 kgs of CO2. These savings are generated by the elimination of adhesive lamination, reduction of 90% of starting sheets of paper and corrugated cardboard, equal speed of printing to offset machine, but with only 70% of power consumption.










Nozomi capacity


Produced displays  


3 690 775  


3 798 525  


4 008 002  


2 816 000  

















 Saving of kWh


 309 760

 Reduction of CO2 in kg


 133 197 



- Direct printing on boards reduces humidity changes in the process of adhesive pasting followed by drying. The boards remain flat and stable while production does not need several days of drying process.

- Advanced color management and extensive toolset for late-stage image editing. Next-generation color technology with Fiery Edge™ profiles from Fiery Color Profiler Suite. Powerful spot color management for accurate brand colors with Fiery Spot Pro. Maintain color quality and uniformity with an automated inspection system.

- Verify color accuracy for compliance with industry standards such as ISO and GRACoL (G7) with Fiery Verify. Accurately preview full-resolution post-RIP raster files in Fiery ImageViewer, including variable data content. Make color corrections on the fly without needing to re-RIP the file. Fiery NZ-1000 comes with all essential color tools for calibrating, profiling, ink saving, spot color management, and industry compliance verification.

- The single-pass inkjet printer received the Fogra Process Standard Digital (PSD) Print Check Certification according to: ISO 15311 - Digital printing production standard. ISO 12647/2 – Offset Printing production standard.


Genuine EFI Inks

- Odorless and maintains flexibility for creasing, and are hard enough to withstand rubbing

- Excellent gloss coating, and high graphic quality with a very reasonable ink consumption per square meter

- Nozomi inks meet OCC certification for recyclability and re-pulpability, and also meets the GREENGUARD Gold Standard with no hazardous volatile organic compounds, and they do not require vapor recovery.

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