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Textile printing

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We print large spectrum of textiles and fabrics based materials. Few different types of machines with different principal of printing method and kind of material forwarding enabling us to find solution for printing on almost any kind of textiles including nontrivial textiles for printing.

Print on textile based on disperse sublimation printing method is real coloring of textile. It is two-step procedure when inks are first putted on surface of material and after inks are fixed into fabrics using high temperature. During this fixation procedure in micro structure of fabrics inks evaporating into air under 200°C temperature influence and immediately are absorbed by fibers who composing fabrics. It means that this printing method doesn’t represent applying of inks on substrate’s surface but coloring of individual fibers inside fabrics structure.

printing machine printing size technology print mode
Agfa Aquajet roll 3,2 m sublimation CMYK, LC, LM
d.gen Artrix roll 1,85 m sublimation CMYK, LC, LM, Red, Violet
d.gen Arachne roll 1,85 m sublimation CMYK, LC, LM, Blue, Orange
Océ Arizona 550 XT roll 2,2 m
sheet 3,05 x 2,5 m
UV, white CMYK, White
HP XP5100 roll 5 m UV CMYK, LC, LM, LY, LK
HP XP2750 roll 3,2 m
sheet 2,5 x 2,0 m
Manroland 908-5 sheet 1,3 x 1,85 m offset sublimation 5 colors, CMYK, solid colors
Svecia SM sheet 1,4 x 1,8 m screen sublimation 1 color, CMYK, solid colors

This technological procedure ensuring vivid colors, long durability and resistance against various radiations and mechanical impacts. Such printed (colored) textile is possible treat like other usual textiles – it is possible wash, iron or fold it. For sublimating printing procedure are suitable materials on base of polyester or polyamide.

For special cases this printing method has modification in form of special transfer printing usage. Primary print is done (in mirror) on paper following by transfer and fixation from paper into textile in thermotransfer calender under high temperature and pressure. This advancement is relevant for extra absorbing fabrics or applications requiring high sharpness of printing. Same paper transfer advancement is applied in case of traditional printing technology usage – screenprinting or offset. For both these technologies special sublimation inks must be used.

We have at disposal few types of digital sublimation printers who are complementary in their capabilities: we print in width up to 320 cm, directly on fabrics or using transfer paper, we utilize on-line thermo cutting, on-line and off-line heat/thermotransfer fixation, printing mode roll-to-roll or on pre-cut sheets, we have at disposal machines with both rollers or belt material advancement systems. For large color gamut and vivid colors we print exclusively in six and eight colors printing modes.

finishing machine description
Monti Antonio Speedsport thermotransfer calender
Monti Antonio MOD75 thermotransfer calender
Lasercomb MTL laser cutting
Kongsberg XP Auto digital cutting
Siinger 591 sewing 1-needle
Brother LT sewing 2-needle
Jover 16FEI eyeleting
Forsstrom TDW HF welding

For printing on textiles materials not suitable for sublimation procedure we are using universal printing machines based on inks cured by UV light. Advantage of these inks is adhesion practically to any materials’ surface. We are able print textiles up to width 500 cm in roll-to-roll mode or precut sheets in size up to 305x250 cm.

For finishing of textile products we have at disposal large spectrum of machine for textiles cutting (laser, digitally by knife and hot knife), for sewing (all kind of sewing on one- and two-noddle sewing machines), for connecting and finishing by high frequency welding/melting or for automatic eyelets’ applying.