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The complete technological equipment at our disposal enables us to be self-sufficient producers of a wide spectrum of POS products, mainly based on corrugated pasteboard, carton, and plastic material. We use carton-processing plotters to make models, mock-ups, and smaller product runs. Medium runs we produce on digital corrugated lines and large runs are made on die and drum cutters, up to a 200 x 400 cm format.

The automatic adhesive laminating machines operate in the 140 x 200 format, just like the automatic gluing machine. To process materials from roll to sheets (as required by the printing machines), we operate our own sheet cutting machine, and a carton processing slotters to cut corrugated boards. The surface of products can be treated by lamination or varnish including UV varnish. For packaging we use wrapping automats.

machine function number
of machines
Esko Kongsberg XP Auto/DCM/iXL multipurpose finishing 4
Zund G3 multipurpose finishing 2
Lasercomb MTL laser plotter 1
Komfi Sirius hot lamination 4
Lamina lamination 4
Youngshin automatic diecutter 4
Strati platen diecutter 5
Hingerstanc drum diecutter 1
Strati slotter 4
Josting sheeter 1
Lamina gluing 4
Stock gluing 1
Bickers gluing plotter 1
Technology packing automats 4