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A wide variety of machines is used for finishing works, enabling us to finalise printed products without external co-operation and subcontracting.

We use both hot and cold lamination processes to laminate substrates with foil. We also have the equipment for liquid lamination, the only option applicable for surface treatment and protection of flexible materials, in particular, vinyl tarpaulins. We own special flat laminating machine to paste graphics onto large surface boards.

High frequency welding machines are used to join vinyl banners into larger pieces, or to process them on the edges (hems, pockets, etc.) The high frequency welding is also used to affix plastic eyelets on banners and tarpaulins, and a special hydraulic presses are available to install metal eyelets. Flags and other textile decorations are finally processed with our own professional sewing machines. Saws, slitters and cutters are also unavoidable content of finishing technologies.