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Next new samplers
Friday, 15 July 2011 10:00

New samplers was produced and distributed to our sales.

Sampler surface finish

Sampler is showing on one cutted motive all frequently used surface finishing methods for its easy comparison:

  1. basic offset print
  2. offset varnish
  3. UV varnish
  4. gloss lamination
  5. matt lamination
  6. structured lamination


Surface finish Surface finish

Polyethylene banner

This material become more popular like „eco“ version of banner media. Also in some countries this material is planned like substitution of standard BBS billboards. Advantage should be better (glossy) look, quicker and less problematic installation, recycling possibility. On similar client’s material we print already billboards in Warsaw and very popular is this material also in UK.

Basic parameters of material are:

  • weight: 132 g/m2
  • max. width: 3,8 m
  • 100% recyclable
  • finishing: sewing, eyelets
  • usage: light smaller banners, billboards, etc.


Polyethylene banner

Polyethylene banner