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New latex technology
Thursday, 14 April 2011 11:36

It is only HP company who has develop and propose until now already longer period latex inkjet printing technology. We were first deeply testing rented machine and finally after very good experiences decided to acquire new machine (and due to good proposal of supplier we kept also demo machine). So Prague’s printinghouse is now equipped with two new HP L25500 printers.

Printer is from category of small printing plotters (width 152 cm) dedicated mainly for high quality output on all selfadhesives, papers, special foils, etc. Main contributions for our production background are:

  • very reliable self adjusting and self diagnostic machine
  • stabile repeatable high quality output
  • ink flexibility enabling usage at applications where thicker layer of UV inks is limitation
  • green technology minimizing usage of organic solvents

Latex inks itself consist from three main components:

  1. water based ink vehicle
  2. pigment
  3. clear latex compound

Printing procedure then has two steps:

  1. ink jetting under preheat with immediate evaporation of water parts
  2. curing of latex compound fixating pigment on surface of printed substrate

Experiences with new kind of technology and machine are very positive and it is planned for future updating other our printinghouses too.


DesignJet L25500

DesignJet L25500