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New key investment - HP Scitex FB7500
Thursday, 10 September 2009 09:12

HP Revolutionary design, top printing quality, fantastic productivity and many other compliments follow launch of this machine on market. Hewlett Packard developed in its division Scitex new UV flatbed machine applying totally new concept of such printer. Moving table, printing bridge with whole width heads’ coverage and automatic loading and unloading of substrate are main topics related to its design.

The machine has similar concept to Turbojet (rotating drum is replaced by moving table) who is already years unrivaled leader in section of roll-to-sheet poster digital printers. FB7500 has all suppositions to follow this legendary machine. Eclipse is one of first companies worldwide who acquired this machine. Few months of machine’s operation confirmed all expectations and FB7500 can be designated as new level of flatbed printing especially in terms of productivity which is comparable with Turbojet speed. With this machine we are now very competitive especially in case of big and very big jobs where we have relevant tool to propose good price and very short delivery terms.

See the HP fb7500 - in pdf file (700 kB)


HP Scitex HP Scitex

HP Scitex

Basic parameters of machine are:

printing size: 165 x 320 cm
media thickness: up to 25 mm
printing speed: up to 500 m2/hr, resp. 95 full size sheets/hr
medias: all rigid and flexible substrates