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Hungarian In Store about Eclipse
Sunday, 15 March 2009 14:48
In Store

Prestigious magazine for Pos industry in Hungary wrote article about Eclipse. This is brief content summary:

21st Century technology in Eclipse

The name Eclipse sounds very good in past too, but due to the new investments they elevated to a new level, becoming the most modern and developed POS printing house in Hungary.

From the low run poster printing, till the thousands 3D product holder displays you can connect with assurance this main player of the Hungarian printing market. In 2008, the company updated its existing high performance technology with new investments, especially on offset and digital fields, partially financed by EU subsidy, by changing old technologies.

Behind the printing machines, big sizes adhesive lamination, die cutting and automatic packaging lines stay for the customers disposition, and innovative support helps, from the phase of designing till the most complicated logistic duties. Follow printing lines characteristics ...MAN Roland, NUR Expedio, Turbo Jet, Rhopac... Eclipse is an international printing houses network, producing especially POS, decorations, large format posters, stickers, flags, banners... present in Central and East Europe, with 4 printinghouses and 14 commercial offices, producing and delivering for clients in more than 20 countries... Eclipse Hungary is present on the Hungarian market since 1995 (address, etc.) and in 1998 built in Edelény new printinghouse which is the synonym of modern printing technology in Hungary.


In Store