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Offset removal in Eclipse
Thursday, 25 January 2007 12:23

Offset removalAs is the natural circle of life old things eventually give way to the new - and that is also the way in a printing house. 

At Eclipse printing house in Prague we have closed down our older Harris offset printer and are using the parts as spares for other Impression group companies. The balance of this 90 tonne "chickprinter" is being dismantled and removed as scrap. The process was undertaken in a professional manner but it still is not easy to say a parting goodbye to such an old and reliable friend.

On the other hand however we can welcome in our new super modern MAN Roland R900 XXL-8 which is due for delivery at the end of February. We will keep you informed and update you on installation and the initial running of this impressive new investment.


Old offset machine from USA 

Cog wheels