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ECLIPSE Vienna invited to skiing trip in Kreischberg: "A Zirberl und a führiger Schnee"
Wednesday, 04 April 2007 16:39

ViennaBest weather and snow conditions, 100% pure fun from the 1st to the last ski turn - the first skiing trip of ECLIPSE Vienna was a great success.


A Thursday evening, 7:55pm, hustle and bustle down at the lower station of the ski-region Kreischberg: the man from Styria Peter Spieß , managing director of ECLIPSE Vienna, welcomes employees, partners and friends to the traditional skiing trip in his "living room". Skis, snowboards and lift card are issued; the first get to know of skiing instructors and mountain guides takes place.
The biggest snowboard club of Austria, the "Kreisch Indios & Sport Suli", were responsible for the supporting program. The around two dozen guests are in high spirits. Sure, everything is for free - ECLIPSE pays. "Such events are vitally important", says Spieß, "for the team and for the business!" Consciously, the group was smaller, the goal was "Networking". But to be honest, nobody thought of networking after nightly singing and quite a few high percentage alcohol.

friday - the day of race

The wake-up call, a torture. Anyway, high tension before the obligatory race! The heat (created by SPORT SULI, the ECLIPSE event partner) demanded a great deal of everybody- and the participants performed for their lives. The women valuation was won by Simone Rauter (Novartis), closed in by Petra Reifeltshammer (Heardselling) and Kathi Werner (Kia). The tennis trainer and host Peter Spieß won the men race, followed by his colleague Valentin Langmaier, on the 3rd place was the ski trainer Andreas Mauerhofer (Fischer).
Summary: lot of networking, nobody was injured. Even not at the final "Einkehrschwung".

Group photo (from left to the right): Valentin Langmaier (eclipse), Andreas Mauerhofer (Fischer), Bernhard Müller (eclipse), Gerald Schlosser (ISPA Werbung), Suli, Kathi Werner (Kia), Peter Spieß(eclipse), Thomas Dittrich (eclipse), Simone Rauter (Novartis), Michael König (EM Finanzmanagement), Petra Reifeltshammer (Heartselling)

Vienna ski group 1

Vienna ski group 2

Vienna ski 3