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Automatic digital POS production line
Friday, 04 May 2007 15:16

digital diecutter KongsbergBetween piece production of POS (displays, stands, eye-catchers) provided as standard by digital printing and cutting/folding on plotter, and between higher runs "analog" production (offset printing, adhesive lamination, die cutting) impacted modern digital POS production line dedicated mainly for middle runs.

Line is composed of UV digital printing machine Durst Rhopac, digital diecutter Kongsberg DCM and automatic gluing machine Lamina. Durst Rhopac is equipped by automatic sheet feeding and stacking system for corrugated boards, machine prints in two meters width and unlimited length. Kongsberg DCM works also with automatic feeding and stacking system. Exact registration and matching of cutting line with print are ensured by camera recognizing registration marks with following digital correction of measured differences. Automatic gluing of flaps, back supports, or double side adhesive tape application for future composition of stand are jobs for Lamina line equipped by Nordson gluing unit.

Production of small and middle runs of POS products quickly and with relevant efficiency and quality - these are main benefits of newly installed technology.

POS production line -  Durst Rhopac

POS production line -  Kongsberg DCM24

POS production line -  gluer Lamina