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UV flatbed digital in Eclipse
Monday, 03 April 2006 00:00

UV flatbed digital - SpyderPrinting equipment in Eclipse Prague hat spread again. For long time there was a request for flatbed UV digital printing machine in Eclipse.

There was not such a printer able to print with sufficient speed and mainly in high quality satisfying considerable customers demands in marketplace. New printer in Eclipse Inca Spyder 320 catches both conditions.

This printer is able to print rigid boards in format 160x320 cm, up to thickness 30 mm, at speeds of 60 sqm in hour. Eclipse is able to print all types of plastic and foam boards, cardboards, corrugated boards, plexiglass and glass, classic paper, banners and foils. Basically machine is able to print directly all types of substrates presently used in advertising and similar areas.

Thanks to UV inks, high-quality printing heads and precision machine construction (magnetic drives instead of classic belts) we can print high-quality 1200 DPI. Thanks to the new chance of direct digital printing on corrugated boards Eclipse has spread its potential in area of POS products.