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CTP in all Impression printing houses
Tuesday, 23 May 2006 00:00

CTPNext confirmation of care and accent of Eclipse on pre-press is a new CTP bought for printing house in Edeleny (Hungary).

Kodak Creo Trndsetter VLF Quantum delivered by Amos has again top parameters, for instance the imagesetter format 1473x2032mm or speed of 14 plates per an hour.
The plant fits printing plates for the offset printer Harris (printing format 137x197cm) and replaced the classic way of offset plate production by direct projection. This new technical innovation brings to the printing house in Edeleny high level of working productivity, efficiency and also superior printing output thanks to usage of better graphics resolution. It improves not only classic billboards and city-lights production but it means also next big step in realization of significant update of technological background for planned expansion on POS production field.
CTP installation in Hungary finished conversion to CTP pre-press in the whole Impression group. At this time eight of all large format offset printing houses (London, Lisbon, Paris, Brussels, Warsaw, Prague, Cerknica (Slovenia) and Edeleny) being invested in the most modern large format CTP system from the company Creo/Kodak. They are models Magnus and Trendsetter.