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Peter Spiess has completed first year of managing German branch of Impression group
Tuesday, 11 July 2006 00:00

Peter SpiessOne year ago, the Austrian lawyer Peter Spiess, took over the leadership of the printing giant "eclipse" Berlin; now, the 34 year old managing director draws a positive interim result: "We're very confident with the business development in 2006... We duplicated the number of our clients and we exhibited our double digit turnover, what shows us that we're heading into the right direction" explains Spiess."

Peter Spiess"eclipse" is the subsidiary company of the Belgian holding called "Impression", at the same time the Styrian guy is managing the Austrian Pendant "eclipse"-Vienna. There as well, he leaves - due to the name of the Belgian mother company - deep impressions. One could assume, the man with its origins in the green heart of Austria, is predestined to churn out black figures... "eclipse" can be considered as the market leader in large format printing and operates with screen-, digital and offset printing techniques. "We assess ourselves in Germany as well as in Austria as marketing services enterprise, which tries a very difficult balancing act between a printing company and an advertising agency - and we manage very well!" assures Spiess. And it's by no means a mystification that the Belgians have chosen an "Ösi" for this picky and delicate job....

With 15 production facilities Europe-wide "Impression group" has a much bigger capacity than most of the other printing shops together in Austria. This is a fact, although this small republic in the alps is well known as "country of printing": "Austria has the highest density of posters all over the world," tells the expert "this, narrows the market, creates products as cheap as dirt and boosts competition!" This experience makes Spiess irrecoverable for "eclipse" Berlin and the German market.

The German "eclipse" head-quarter settled down in Berlin Mitte, not far from "the wall". "Well, we wanted to compose a uniting signal, which is also reflected in the structure of our clients", explains Spiess. This simple concept is successful because agency from east and west are building up a creative, potty and colourful promotional-scenery. "Our aim is, to be as individualistic as our clients are, added with a whiff of spleen", as Spiess wants to be known.

"POS ("Point of Sales") products have a great future", as Spiess anticipates, "also in eclipse". POS products are mainly pasteboards, sales-boxes as well as stands. Finally Spiess says: "They could be produced at highest and best quality and at best conditions. We dispose of the necessary technicality and what is at utmost importance for the client: he saves additional money for the agency, when he directly orders from the printing house!"

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