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Banners for World championship in football 2006
Monday, 31 July 2006 00:00

World Championchips GermanyWorld championship in football was again a great purpose for supplier of large format printing. Decorations of stadiums, matchmaker cities', airports and stations, centres for fans, public transport etc. - these all things are the great place for large format printing.

World Championchips Germany 3The focal graphics motive of this world championship was waves. Waves that have always the same shape and change only in colours typical for each matchmaker city. This general motive was than added by the name of city combined with necessary sponsorship advertisement. The whole printed area for the World championship can be for sure counted in hundreds thousand square meters if not even more than million.

After experience from European football championship in Portugal 2004 also this year Impression companies participated on delivery of large format graphics print. This time it concerns about the complete delivery of all decorating and advertising banners for lighting poles in all matchmaker's cities'.
The complete demand was for 8 800 banners each in area 160 x 80 cm. Even the whole amount was big the digital technology was used because the demand divided into several cities'colours decoration versions and sponsorship variants. Printed area within this order was 22 500 m2. Each banner was printed both sides and in the upper part of banner was placed welded tunnel for hanging and eyelets on sides for fixation. For the whole order it was used 35 200 pcs. of eyelets!

The commission was not difficult only because of production quantity (the main part of production was printed in printing house Eclipse Prague and other parts were printed in printing houses Impression Warsaw and Eclipse Edeleny, Hungary) but also in scale of delivery of materials and logistic. Everything had to be done well to have all banners on their places of delivery in correct city, in demanded term and they had to be packed in sets to hang easily the whole set with the correct combination and order of sponsorship and decoration banners.

This commission was produced in cooperation with Belgian producer of flags which was the final supplier for organizer of world championship and which alone ensure the production of all flags for purposes of this championship. Impression done its part of cooperation well and whole enormous order was produced without problems in high quality and in time.

World Championchips Germany 1

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