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Hecht Romania, market leader finalized rebranding process
Saturday, 04 November 2006 00:00
Hecht RomaniaStarting Thursday, October 12, Hecht Romania, market leader in printing domain, will be named Impression and will be part of the most important printing group for multiformat posters, with a turnover of 115 millions of euro. This moment was marked Thursday, October 12, with a spectacular event thereupon participate mass media representatives, customers, friends and business partners.

After 150 years of existence in Europe and 8 years of activity on the Romanian market, while it won leader position by quality of materials and innovation, Hecht Romania is on the brink of new changes. The company became part of the most important European printing group, Impression S.A. group of Companies. Impression S.A. group of Companies is the only advertising production company who offers innovative solutions for the most important and complex campaigns in Europe, from creation services to large format outdoor production.

On a competitive and full of changes market, all 35 Impression Companies, localized in over 20 countries from west, center and east of Europe hold the leader position anywhere they are.

The passion for innovation, the technical knowledge from this domain, the quality of offered services and the European network which posses are only a few advantages which everyone who appeals at Impression S.A. group's services enjoys.

Yearly, those over 30 millions of posters which are create inside the group., using offset advanced technology, screen or digital printing, talk about Impression quality.

Impression' strategy consist in added value which every company brings to the group. Every company is powerful known on local market, so, besides international requirements, they are able to respond to the particular country market demand.

In consequence of general economics growth and at a specialized technology development, large format printing market from Romania is in a continue growth. Hecht's rebranding is one of the ordinary consequences at this segment development, who will permit to respond most propitious to the market demand.


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