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Thousandth piece of CREO VLF CTP in Eclipse Prague
Monday, 20 June 2005 00:00

CREO VLF CTP in Eclipse Company AMOS CZ a.s., the distributor of CREO in Czech Republic, has installed and handed over for production the new large format CTP CREO VLF 5880 in the first week of October 2004.

This CTP machine is rare its parameters: for example by format that is 1.473 x 2.032 mm, or by speed 14 maximal format plates per hour. Interesting is also serial machine number: it is the Thousandth piece of CTP with format B0 and larger (VLF) that company CREO produced and distributed to the world market and coincidence it was just for the Prague printing house Eclipse.

Eclipse has set CTP in to full production from the first day for preparation of printing plates for large format offset machines Harris (printing format 137 x 197 cm). The machine replace the actual classic way of production offset plates by direct projection. The plates will be expose as by special AM raster for large format print as even FM stochastic raster. This new technological improvement brings to Eclipse Printing House the ability to print even also to large format motives with high exactness of detail (hair, fabric etc.).

In the end of year Company Amos CZ a.s. will supply Eclipse also with another, identical machine CREO VLF 5880, this time to the printing house in Warsaw, Poland.