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Second offset in Prague, first offset in Edeleny
Tuesday, 08 February 2005 00:00

Ofset EdelenyIn Prague PH Eclipse have been installed the second large format offset machine Harris. This machine is newer version 78 of already installed machine Harris 77.

Because of the instalation of two large format offset and CTP system in fast sequence, Eclipse Prague so extended its technological background in print of city-lights, billboards, posters and POS. The advantage of this new machine is 6 colours implementation with ability to print fullcolour motive plus varnish and spot colours. This new machine also move the possibility of print by nicer raster. Thanks to CTP technology is obviously the stochastic raster offer. Therefore directly in Prague Eclipse offers production in all printing technologies used for large format print - offset, screen printing, digital printing. Out of this, Eclipse dispose with full range of production background to finishing POS production.

Offset Praha Offset Praha

Offset EdelenyAlso the printing house Eclipse in hungarian Edeleny extented its technological possibilities with offset technology. There wer installed and born to live machine "corporate" mark Harris 77 again, this time in 5 colours configuration. Therefore Eclipse became on the field of hungarian market only the one producer with domestic production in offset, screen printing and digital technology, supplied with POS finishing. Also for Edeleny is planned the extand for CTP system.