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Graphic for Pendolino
Friday, 01 July 2005 15:29

Rail PendolinoEclipse Print produced an interesting order during the first half of this year. The order was for the decoration of seven sets of Pendolino trains. This included all outdoor and interior decoration graphics as well as sharing the installation. You can currently see the Pendolino trains on the tracks of Czech Railways.

Pendolino 4 Pendolino 5

Pendolino 3 Interior decoration included technical car indications, information signs, marks, pictographs for passengers whilst externally extra design strip decorations were produced. The basic materials used were self adhesive vinyl foils of the highest quality with thermastransfer print processed on sector machines and cutting plotters.

The execution of the whole order had to be exactly matched to all contextual standards about graphic signs of trains. All materials used had to fulfill strict serviceable, fire, safe and sanitary norms as well as have necessary safety certificates.

Eclipse Print used its several years experience in the production of train decoration for Czech Railways to its full advantage in conjunction with Czech Railways producer and service companies. Compared to normal advertising graphics, Eclipse Print had to ensure that specific requests on the relevant finishing, safety and service life of the graphics were strictly met.