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T-mobile building backlight in Vienna
Sunday, 09 October 2005 14:56

T-mobile in ViennaEclipse Vienna, as supplier of St. Balbach Art Production, realized very interesting job for T-mobile. Self adhesives stick from inside directly on windows of building "Twin Tower" in Vienna work like backlighted building coverage.


T-Mobile in Vienna T-mobile in Vienna


There is very clever backlight solution - strong light sources are placed directly in offices, due to longer distance of source from window perfect monolithic backlighting is achieved. Poster is on 120 pcs of building´s windows, 3 rows each 40 windows in size 1,25 m x 3,45 m, totally 517,5 sqm.

Success of that idea and its realization confirms fact that client already prolonged campaign planned originally just for one month.


T-mobile in Vienna 3 T-mobile in Vienna