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The Gallery of Ideas from the In-Store Marketing Magazine
Saturday, 10 April 2004 00:00

Instore magazinWe are glad to see that our products attracted the attention of the specialized In Store Marketing magazine. Two of our products have been covered in the April issue, in the Gallery section, which informs about interesting new products on the market.


The stand "Hero"
"The stand takes up the floorspace of an euro palette, it is c. 2 metres high, and is used in selling jeans. It is made entirely of corrugated pasteboard, with no glued join or other joining element. It was supplied flat, and assembled in the shop. The idea came from the customer, the technical solution from Eclipse", In-Store wrote.

We can only add, that the shelves are constructed using an interesting solution, a folder made of many, identically shaped parts. This provides for more efficient manufacturing, and easier final assembly on the customer location.


The ABB plug socket
"This is a very frequent construction of a decoration: a front board, and a support. However, this one is a bit larger - the printed surface (1450 x 1730 mm) is made out of one piece of material, the total height is c. 2 metres. The large size requires a stronger construction of the back support to protect against torsion," In-Store wrote.

In addition to the standard support part, the decoration rests on solid feet made of carton, which provide additional support, and have a decorative role as well.