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Backlights with a zip mounting
Thursday, 16 January 2003 00:00
nightPannon, a Hungarian GSM operator, used 63 backlights of the popular euro format (5,1 x 2.4 m) in its pre-Christmas campaign, using the modern Prismaflex mounting technology.

“Prismaflex technology, enabling to fasten a backlight into a special frame with a flexible zip, had arrived to Hungary as soon as in 2000. Now, there are about six hundred backlight panel structures in Hungary, every third of them has Prismaflex zips, 120 of the are of the euro format,” says Ede denDomokos, Director of the Eclipse sales branch in Budapest. This branch made use of the experience of the Prague printing house with both sides backlight printing, and with using Prismaflex, to obtain its first large job of this kind. Hungarian representatives of McCann Ericson came to see for themselves, to see all the production details. They immediately decided to order printing on NUR Blueboard HiQ+ 30.

Backlights with Prismaflex
can be easily stretched and fitted in a frame, using a mobile tensioning tool, by only a few quick movements, even when it rains, in the dark, or in a place that is difficult to access. Quick and easy mounting is the benefit that makes Prismaflex an economic and popular method of fitting backlights. The fitting does not damage them in any way, so they can go to a different place every month.