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Widening POS capacities'
Monday, 24 March 2003 00:00
rothEclipse continuously upgrades the capacities'at it’s Prague printing house by new technology for large format carton processing production, complementing the existing production of carton decorations and POS sales stands. Apart from introducing novel machinery, such as the large-format lamination and gluing machine, or the planned purchase of the large-format impact press, Eclipse develops it specialist human resources as well.

Since April 2003, Mr. Alexander Roth - known in the field as Sales manager of STI CR, member of the A3DR Council, founding member of the POPAI, or contributor to the profess magazines: In Store Marketing, Strategie, Svet balení, Packaging, and to other media - has been managing the new POS Development department.

esso“The wide spectrum of options of large-format printing, using many types of inks, varnishes, printing substrates and surface processing offered by Eclipse is well known in the field”, goes Mr. Roth’s evaluation of the recent situation. “What’s new now, is the much wider range of possibilities of further processing of printed sheets, into POS stands, eye-catchers, large packaging materials, or other 3D or POS products. Together with the equipment already in place, we now possess great conditions for fast production of POS products, be it single items printed digitally, or hundreds of items printed with screen technology”.

Eclipse wants to offer comprehensive service, including design and graphical solutions, manufacturing, assembly, delivery, transport and customs clearance, relying on its network of branches in a number of countries. The goal is to make easier the preparation, ordering and delivery of jobs for the customers, and minimise delivery times.

The main focus of the new carton processing section is low volume, large format POS and 3D manufacturing, with short delivery time and quality customer support. The main substrate is carton, that is sandwich, corrugated and industrial cardboard. Foam-based materials, some plastic foils and boards, and supplementary parts from other materials can be used as well.