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Eclipse with a stand on the marketingservices 2003
Monday, 28 April 2003 00:00

frankfurtFor the first time since the beginning of their operation almost 2 years ago did the German branch of Eclipse a.s. participate with a stand (56 m2) on a big European exhibition - the marketingservices in Frankfurt/Main during April 28th - 30th, right in the geographical center of Germany.

With an attendance of almost 600 exhibitors and about 14,000 visitors, this exhibition has become a need and a must for the marketing + advertising industry in Central Europe, especially since at the same time the Display and 6th P.O.S. marketing exhibition have also taken place.

meetinggrafityEclipse GmbH, which is operating out of Berlin, presented a wide variety of their LFP-products for out- and indoor usage with eye-catching, licensed motives from internationally renown photo-agencies, such as National Geographic Society a.o. The theme of their stand - We Do Print - was clear and superbly matched the overall appearance. Particular attention was drawn by a both sides visually printed megaboard on MESH K material which has been produced in 2 printing steps on a Vutek 5300 in the printing house in Prague. Another feature which has been successfully demonstrated to visitors several times was the application of an anti-graffiti-lamination on self-adhesive foil called Avery® FasFiti™Film, which allows easy removal of graffiti with most commercially available graffiti removal fluids, thereby still keeping a good resistance to UV radiation and weathering exposure.

“We have made a lot of new and interesting contacts and have also received many immanent requests for calculation, but we have to keep aware that the German market is still under big pressure due to the economic situation and the fierce competition which is still taking place, additionally aggravated by neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and other Eastern European countries. Nevertheless I can clearly state that many companies and/or ad-agencies are seeking new suppliers, either because of quality or price reasons. An important market we certainly have to develop further is our range of products for indoor decorations, which of course includes displays and P.O.S. and which have to have B1 certification (very hardly flammable). But I am confident that our branch has demonstrated itself as a competitive, reliable partner for excellent quality with the respective proper professional and competent touch,” summarized Mr. Dierk Heitzler the experiences of the Berlin branch on their stand.