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Prague A banner campaign – Praha Olympic Festival
Wednesday, 04 June 2003 00:00

samsungsamsungAt the opportunity of the conference of the International Olympic Committee in Prague, which met to select the venue for the next Winter Olympic Games (from Vancouver, Salzburg, Pyeongchang), two important public events took place: Run together, Praha! and Samsung Open-Air Concert.

The organiser Samsung chose an OutBanner campaign, as they had good experience with a similar system used during the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. The company hired 600 stands from Actual Aver CZ. Eclipse printed the double-sided banners with three graphic motives.

Eclipse opted for the screen printing technology, due to all the excellent technical and economic advantages. To print the blue SAMSUNG banner, direct colours were used, which look very beautiful when used for simple signs and images. The rest of the visuals were printed by the CMYK colour combination. Eclipse used the only screen printing machine currently in the Czech Republic capable of the job in this format - the Svecia Jumbo with its 2 x 4 frame.

The banners, which hang freely in space, and can be printed on both sides, are printed onto a special substrate equipped with a light-blocking layer, which prevents the transpiring of the image from the other side. The last phase of manufacturing involved the welding of folds to fasten the banner. The Swedish Forsstrom machine can weld the fold so precisely, that the weld is practically invisible.

OutBanner - 50 x 200 cm outdoor flag suspended on public lampposts, or urban power poles. OutBanners are suitable for use in areas unreachable by large outdoor products (billboards, megaboards), such as pedestrian-only high streets or busy road crossings.