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Eclipse joined POPAI - a trade association within the P. O. S. business
Wednesday, 09 July 2003 00:00

corgonEclipse has been unanimously accepted as member of POPAI Central Europe on 9th July, 2003, after a three months acceptance period. A transitional phase has thus been completed, during which carton manufacturing was restructured and strengthened under the leadership of POS Development Manager Alexander Roth. Eclipse has thus become a fully equipped direct manufacturer of P. O. S. products, focusing on low volume, large-format and 3D stands made to short delivery deadlines, and with good customer care. The key material is carton, that is, folding, corrugated and machine boards. Foam-based substrates, some plastic foils and boards, and supplementary parts made of other materials are also used.

As a significant development, Eclipse has decided to offer its unique technological equipment to other POS manufacturers, by delivering semi-finished goods as part of subcontracting deals and one-off manufacturing projects. Due to the very wide product range in the industry, co-operation of narrowly specialised manufacturers is typical, rather than direct competition.

popai POPAI - point of purchase advertising international - is an association of organisations active in the field of advertising at the point of purchase of goods and services. The POPAI association was established in 1936 in the USA, and in 1988 in Europe. POPAI seeks to help members to increase efficiency of Point of Purchase Advertising, to provide information based on market research, and to improve levels of education and training in the industry. The association co-organises conferences, and national industrial awards competitions. The winners can participate in the most significant European in-store communication awards contest, the POPAI Europe Awards.

Within the industry, POPAI membership is a sign of expertise, quality of production and good business ethics.

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