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Large format platen die-cutting machine in Eclipse Praha
Friday, 14 November 2003 00:00
lisThe The platen die-cutting machine with its 2 x 1.4 m maximum sheet size and a weight of 14 tons is doubtlessly the largest piece of equipment of its kind in the Czech Republic. This giant offers not only the largest sheet size, but also the highest precision and speed of die-cutting of all machines owned by Eclipse. Moreover, the reverse side of the die-cutting surface can be fitted with special tools, enabling the production of reverse-side and front-side folds in one single cutting motion.

zubrLaunching the regular operations of the cutting machine marks the completion of an entire production line for large-format POS, with size of parts up to 2 x B0, i.e. 1400 x 2000 mm. A good example of the output is the Zubr brewery job. First, two metres large carton sheets are printed on a four-colour automatic Svecia SAMX 4 machine. The next step is pasting the sheets on corrugated cardboard, on the Lamina adhesive laminating machine. A thorough drying process follows, taking up to two days, this time is used to print and paste the other parts of the POS set. The cutting itself comes next. The entire production process takes less then three days for a single-component stand, and a complicated multi-part display must be on its way to the customer within one week.

The outer dimensions of the Zubr decorative euro-palette stand are 0.85 x 1.3 x 2.4 m. The display is made of BB corrugated cardboard with carton pasted on both sides, with a surface protected by UV resistant varnish. Thanks to the materials used it is light, firm and easy to handle despite its large size. The surface treatment provides protection against damage and wear. It is distributed flat, the two side components are mounted to the back component at the point of final display in a shop, using a few plastic screws.