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Eclipse 1993 - 2003, the company with the longest tradition on the Czech market
Thursday, 18 December 2003 00:00
 "If you look into the future, you don’t have time to look back" could be the excuse for the fact, that people in Eclipse have almost forgotten their own anniversary.

And there is a lot to commemorate. In those days, digital large format printing was just in the making - in fact, the first machine purchased by Eclipse, the newly established digital printing house, was a NUR Outboard bearing the 000001 serial number. The new industry was developing dynamically thanks to a massive expansion of outdoor advertising, so Eclipse had to purchase another machine of the same kind one year later.

10 years
The growing network of outdoor advertising required posters printed by screen technology. Initially, Eclipse became the exclusive importer of screen products made by a French producer, and the preparations were started to build its own printing house. In three years, the sales branches launched in Brno, Bratislava, Warsaw, Budapest, Moscow and Kiev generated a turnover amounting to 60% of the total volume.

Only one company was faster to bridge the administrative hurdles of launching a screen printing house: a competitor of Eclipse called Get+Comp Print, a real pioneer of the industry in our country established in 1990. The focus of this company in digital printing was on interior products. As the product portfolios of the two companies were complementary, rather than competing, the two companies agreed on close co-operation in screen printing, instead of launching another printing house. This solution proved to be beneficial for both sides. When it became possible to purchase some shares of Eclipse in 1997, Get+Comp took the opportunity, and a merger of the two companies followed. Now commemorating the tenth anniversary of the foundation of one parent company, next year we can celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the older "founding father" of today’s Eclipse.

The expansion of production capacity necessitated a gradual establishment of new sales branches in Bucharest, Riga, Vienna, Berlin, Sarajevo, and Belgrade. As a result, new printing houses were launched in Edeleny, Hungary, and in Warsaw. Thus, Eclipse became the largest producer of large format advertising products by screen technology in Central and Eastern Europe. The company markets its products in more than twenty countries, relying on thirteen sales branches and three printing houses that currently employ 400 employees, and it makes a consolidated annual turnover of 25 million Euros.

The development plans of the Eclipse group continue to be founded on excellent quality of production and services, a balanced development programme, and on strengthening the Eclipse brand on all markets. Current issues include new offset technology in the Prague printing house, further development of POS products, and participation and integration within the Europe-wide network of Impression, which Eclipse joined recently.