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Eclipse 1993 - 2003, the company with the longest tradition on the Czech market
Thursday, 18 December 2003 00:00
 "If you look into the future, you don’t have time to look back" could be the excuse for the fact, that people in Eclipse have almost forgotten their own anniversary.

And there is a lot to commemorate. In those days, digital large format printing was just in the making - in fact, the first machine purchased by Eclipse, the newly established digital printing house, was a NUR Outboard bearing the 000001 serial number. The new industry was developing dynamically thanks to a massive expansion of outdoor advertising, so Eclipse had to purchase another machine of the same kind one year later.

10 years
The growing network of outdoor advertising required posters printed by screen technology. Initially, Eclipse became the exclusive importer of screen products made by a French producer, and the preparations were started to build its own printing house. In three years, the sales branches launched in Brno, Bratislava, Warsaw, Budapest, Moscow and Kiev generated a turnover amounting to 60% of the total volume.

Only one company was faster to bridge the administrative hurdles of launching a screen printing house: a competitor of Eclipse called Get+Comp Print, a real pioneer of the industry in our country established in 1990. The focus of this company in digital printing was on interior products. As the product portfolios of the two companies were complementary, rather than competing, the two companies agreed on close co-operation in screen printing, instead of launching another printing house. This solution proved to be beneficial for both sides. When it became possible to purchase some shares of Eclipse in 1997, Get+Comp took the opportunity, and a merger of the two companies followed. Now commemorating the tenth anniversary of the foundation of one parent company, next year we can celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the older "founding father" of today’s Eclipse.

The expansion of production capacity necessitated a gradual establishment of new sales branches in Bucharest, Riga, Vienna, Berlin, Sarajevo, and Belgrade. As a result, new printing houses were launched in Edeleny, Hungary, and in Warsaw. Thus, Eclipse became the largest producer of large format advertising products by screen technology in Central and Eastern Europe. The company markets its products in more than twenty countries, relying on thirteen sales branches and three printing houses that currently employ 400 employees, and it makes a consolidated annual turnover of 25 million Euros.

The development plans of the Eclipse group continue to be founded on excellent quality of production and services, a balanced development programme, and on strengthening the Eclipse brand on all markets. Current issues include new offset technology in the Prague printing house, further development of POS products, and participation and integration within the Europe-wide network of Impression, which Eclipse joined recently.
Large format platen die-cutting machine in Eclipse Praha
Friday, 14 November 2003 00:00
lisThe The platen die-cutting machine with its 2 x 1.4 m maximum sheet size and a weight of 14 tons is doubtlessly the largest piece of equipment of its kind in the Czech Republic. This giant offers not only the largest sheet size, but also the highest precision and speed of die-cutting of all machines owned by Eclipse. Moreover, the reverse side of the die-cutting surface can be fitted with special tools, enabling the production of reverse-side and front-side folds in one single cutting motion.

zubrLaunching the regular operations of the cutting machine marks the completion of an entire production line for large-format POS, with size of parts up to 2 x B0, i.e. 1400 x 2000 mm. A good example of the output is the Zubr brewery job. First, two metres large carton sheets are printed on a four-colour automatic Svecia SAMX 4 machine. The next step is pasting the sheets on corrugated cardboard, on the Lamina adhesive laminating machine. A thorough drying process follows, taking up to two days, this time is used to print and paste the other parts of the POS set. The cutting itself comes next. The entire production process takes less then three days for a single-component stand, and a complicated multi-part display must be on its way to the customer within one week.

The outer dimensions of the Zubr decorative euro-palette stand are 0.85 x 1.3 x 2.4 m. The display is made of BB corrugated cardboard with carton pasted on both sides, with a surface protected by UV resistant varnish. Thanks to the materials used it is light, firm and easy to handle despite its large size. The surface treatment provides protection against damage and wear. It is distributed flat, the two side components are mounted to the back component at the point of final display in a shop, using a few plastic screws.

Car fleet of printing house finally gets an "imprint"...
Monday, 18 August 2003 00:00

pred branoubokThe common approach to vehicle graphics is too similar to newspaper classifieds. It only provides information, but not much fun, people in Eclipse have found, and tried to provide both at the same time. Even though the animals were allowed to "run" only across half of the vehicle body, the atmosphere extends to the entire car, without reducing the impact of the text. The words only confirm the key idea: large format vehicle graphics gives unlimited space to your self-expression.


carszadekThe technical solution has been set free of any constraints. Eclipse, as a long-time producer of car graphics, has proved that good quality large-format printing poses no problem, neither does its application on the complex shape of a car including various bends, handles and lights. It blends well with plotter graphics and the original colour of the car. Window graphics, transparent from inside but not from outside, looks identical with the rest of the vehicle. Liquid lamination provides for five-year protection of the 3M foil from mechanical wear and UV radiation.

Gradually, all the company cars belonging to the Prague, Warsaw and Edeleny, Hungary, were decorated with various motifs. The picture shows the Prague fleet.

Eclipse joined POPAI - a trade association within the P. O. S. business
Wednesday, 09 July 2003 00:00

corgonEclipse has been unanimously accepted as member of POPAI Central Europe on 9th July, 2003, after a three months acceptance period. A transitional phase has thus been completed, during which carton manufacturing was restructured and strengthened under the leadership of POS Development Manager Alexander Roth. Eclipse has thus become a fully equipped direct manufacturer of P. O. S. products, focusing on low volume, large-format and 3D stands made to short delivery deadlines, and with good customer care. The key material is carton, that is, folding, corrugated and machine boards. Foam-based substrates, some plastic foils and boards, and supplementary parts made of other materials are also used.

As a significant development, Eclipse has decided to offer its unique technological equipment to other POS manufacturers, by delivering semi-finished goods as part of subcontracting deals and one-off manufacturing projects. Due to the very wide product range in the industry, co-operation of narrowly specialised manufacturers is typical, rather than direct competition.

popai POPAI - point of purchase advertising international - is an association of organisations active in the field of advertising at the point of purchase of goods and services. The POPAI association was established in 1936 in the USA, and in 1988 in Europe. POPAI seeks to help members to increase efficiency of Point of Purchase Advertising, to provide information based on market research, and to improve levels of education and training in the industry. The association co-organises conferences, and national industrial awards competitions. The winners can participate in the most significant European in-store communication awards contest, the POPAI Europe Awards.

Within the industry, POPAI membership is a sign of expertise, quality of production and good business ethics.

POPAI Global
POPAI Europe
POPAI Czech republic

Prague A banner campaign – Praha Olympic Festival
Wednesday, 04 June 2003 00:00

samsungsamsungAt the opportunity of the conference of the International Olympic Committee in Prague, which met to select the venue for the next Winter Olympic Games (from Vancouver, Salzburg, Pyeongchang), two important public events took place: Run together, Praha! and Samsung Open-Air Concert.

The organiser Samsung chose an OutBanner campaign, as they had good experience with a similar system used during the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. The company hired 600 stands from Actual Aver CZ. Eclipse printed the double-sided banners with three graphic motives.

Eclipse opted for the screen printing technology, due to all the excellent technical and economic advantages. To print the blue SAMSUNG banner, direct colours were used, which look very beautiful when used for simple signs and images. The rest of the visuals were printed by the CMYK colour combination. Eclipse used the only screen printing machine currently in the Czech Republic capable of the job in this format - the Svecia Jumbo with its 2 x 4 frame.

The banners, which hang freely in space, and can be printed on both sides, are printed onto a special substrate equipped with a light-blocking layer, which prevents the transpiring of the image from the other side. The last phase of manufacturing involved the welding of folds to fasten the banner. The Swedish Forsstrom machine can weld the fold so precisely, that the weld is practically invisible.

OutBanner - 50 x 200 cm outdoor flag suspended on public lampposts, or urban power poles. OutBanners are suitable for use in areas unreachable by large outdoor products (billboards, megaboards), such as pedestrian-only high streets or busy road crossings.

Eclipse with a stand on the marketingservices 2003
Monday, 28 April 2003 00:00

frankfurtFor the first time since the beginning of their operation almost 2 years ago did the German branch of Eclipse a.s. participate with a stand (56 m2) on a big European exhibition - the marketingservices in Frankfurt/Main during April 28th - 30th, right in the geographical center of Germany.

With an attendance of almost 600 exhibitors and about 14,000 visitors, this exhibition has become a need and a must for the marketing + advertising industry in Central Europe, especially since at the same time the Display and 6th P.O.S. marketing exhibition have also taken place.

meetinggrafityEclipse GmbH, which is operating out of Berlin, presented a wide variety of their LFP-products for out- and indoor usage with eye-catching, licensed motives from internationally renown photo-agencies, such as National Geographic Society a.o. The theme of their stand - We Do Print - was clear and superbly matched the overall appearance. Particular attention was drawn by a both sides visually printed megaboard on MESH K material which has been produced in 2 printing steps on a Vutek 5300 in the printing house in Prague. Another feature which has been successfully demonstrated to visitors several times was the application of an anti-graffiti-lamination on self-adhesive foil called Avery® FasFiti™Film, which allows easy removal of graffiti with most commercially available graffiti removal fluids, thereby still keeping a good resistance to UV radiation and weathering exposure.

“We have made a lot of new and interesting contacts and have also received many immanent requests for calculation, but we have to keep aware that the German market is still under big pressure due to the economic situation and the fierce competition which is still taking place, additionally aggravated by neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and other Eastern European countries. Nevertheless I can clearly state that many companies and/or ad-agencies are seeking new suppliers, either because of quality or price reasons. An important market we certainly have to develop further is our range of products for indoor decorations, which of course includes displays and P.O.S. and which have to have B1 certification (very hardly flammable). But I am confident that our branch has demonstrated itself as a competitive, reliable partner for excellent quality with the respective proper professional and competent touch,” summarized Mr. Dierk Heitzler the experiences of the Berlin branch on their stand.

Eclipse - the traditional exhibitor on the Viennese Publica fair
Wednesday, 02 April 2003 00:00

publicaPublicapublicaThe original exhibition space of Eclipse, with a high backlight sky, took the prestigious front place right after the entrance to the exhibition hall. The space and the programme was built around an orange - green corporate colour combination of Eclipse. Visitors could taste fresh and healthy fruit cocktails, which were not only colour coordinated with the stand, but they further developed the motto of the entire exhibition - a joke about the large belly of marketing.

Eclipse was promoting mainly its new services, large format offset printing, new digital machines, printing materials, technologies for POS, and its strong manufacturing background. The Austrian branch can place its jobs with 6 screen-printing, 9 offset, and 7 digitally equipped printing houses.

Eclipse has developed a reputation as the co-operator of an exhibition organiser, and participates in supplying the equipment. This year Eclipse has delivered a few dozens of printed carpets. It has also become known on the Austrian market as a fast and reliable supplier of all large format products.

Widening POS capacities'
Monday, 24 March 2003 00:00
rothEclipse continuously upgrades the capacities'at it’s Prague printing house by new technology for large format carton processing production, complementing the existing production of carton decorations and POS sales stands. Apart from introducing novel machinery, such as the large-format lamination and gluing machine, or the planned purchase of the large-format impact press, Eclipse develops it specialist human resources as well.

Since April 2003, Mr. Alexander Roth - known in the field as Sales manager of STI CR, member of the A3DR Council, founding member of the POPAI, or contributor to the profess magazines: In Store Marketing, Strategie, Svet balení, Packaging, and to other media - has been managing the new POS Development department.

esso“The wide spectrum of options of large-format printing, using many types of inks, varnishes, printing substrates and surface processing offered by Eclipse is well known in the field”, goes Mr. Roth’s evaluation of the recent situation. “What’s new now, is the much wider range of possibilities of further processing of printed sheets, into POS stands, eye-catchers, large packaging materials, or other 3D or POS products. Together with the equipment already in place, we now possess great conditions for fast production of POS products, be it single items printed digitally, or hundreds of items printed with screen technology”.

Eclipse wants to offer comprehensive service, including design and graphical solutions, manufacturing, assembly, delivery, transport and customs clearance, relying on its network of branches in a number of countries. The goal is to make easier the preparation, ordering and delivery of jobs for the customers, and minimise delivery times.

The main focus of the new carton processing section is low volume, large format POS and 3D manufacturing, with short delivery time and quality customer support. The main substrate is carton, that is sandwich, corrugated and industrial cardboard. Foam-based materials, some plastic foils and boards, and supplementary parts from other materials can be used as well.

Backlights with a zip mounting
Thursday, 16 January 2003 00:00
nightPannon, a Hungarian GSM operator, used 63 backlights of the popular euro format (5,1 x 2.4 m) in its pre-Christmas campaign, using the modern Prismaflex mounting technology.

“Prismaflex technology, enabling to fasten a backlight into a special frame with a flexible zip, had arrived to Hungary as soon as in 2000. Now, there are about six hundred backlight panel structures in Hungary, every third of them has Prismaflex zips, 120 of the are of the euro format,” says Ede denDomokos, Director of the Eclipse sales branch in Budapest. This branch made use of the experience of the Prague printing house with both sides backlight printing, and with using Prismaflex, to obtain its first large job of this kind. Hungarian representatives of McCann Ericson came to see for themselves, to see all the production details. They immediately decided to order printing on NUR Blueboard HiQ+ 30.

Backlights with Prismaflex
can be easily stretched and fitted in a frame, using a mobile tensioning tool, by only a few quick movements, even when it rains, in the dark, or in a place that is difficult to access. Quick and easy mounting is the benefit that makes Prismaflex an economic and popular method of fitting backlights. The fitting does not damage them in any way, so they can go to a different place every month.