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Christmas campaign
Monday, 21 January 2002 00:00

MousepadsEclipse would like to make people happier by its products, and bring benefits to all of our consumers. However, most of our products are too big to be taken home. Mousepads - products very much favoured by our customers - are an exception. During the year, it's mostly companies that order advertising mousepads of all shapes and sizes. We therefore launched a special Christmas campaign, offering original mousepads for everyone. The goal was not commercial - we wished to celebrate Christmas in this way. Commercial spots on the Evropa 2 FM radio station, and banners placed on a number of web servers pointed all those looking for a suitable Christmas present to the www.mousepads-shop.com website.

At this site, everybody could choose and order a mousepad from our catalogue, or send an image to be printed on it.
During the three weeks, 800 mousepads ended up under the Christmas trees, one third of them carrying images sent by the customers - drawings of children, photos of children, friends, holiday images, jokes, etc. The most popular motifs from the catalogue included jumping dolphins, tigers, bunnies, a kitten in a basket, and cats in swimsuits. They were followed in popularity by pictures of fast cars, airplanes, cities'and the countryside. We believe that the gifts, and the attention of their loved ones, delighted all those who received them. Eclipse would like to join in wishing all the best for the festive season.