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Reklama 2002 exhibition, February 27- March 1, Praha
Wednesday, 27 February 2002 00:00
Foto In line with tradition, Eclipse boasted the largest stand at the Reklama and Polygraf exhibition. The entire 132 m2 space was used to present a somewhat controversial project titled "In Bed with Milan", created by well-known fashion, advertising and arts photographer Robert Vano.
The company stepped back "into the background" intentionally, to emphasize the content of the exposition. They gave up the merry colours, so typical of exhibition stands, and focused on high quality full-colour prints of black-and-white photographs. It became apparent, that to achieve a rich scale of grey and plasticity of images by CMYK printing was an extremely challenging task. 44 prints of art photographs were printed on twenty different types of material, total space printed exceeding 200 m2.

The modest and unpretending exposition, creating the atmosphere of a gallery rather than of a folksy fairground, became an original and favoured spot of the exhibition.
An opportunity to get an autograph from photographer Robert Vano, who was present in person, became the highlight of the exposition. The high number of Vano's female admirers and people seeking an autograph filled the premises, and the stock of 500 posters and 1000 purpose-made leaflets was gone in half an hour.

It is clear from the visitors‘ reactions, that Eclipse was successful in creating a fusion between large-format printing and art. People also appreciated that the company mastered the adaptation of full colour printing of black-and-white photographs, and last but not least, they challenged some old taboos.

FotoRobert Vano

1948 Born in Czechoslovakia.
1970 Started to work in New York as make-up artist and assistant to fashion photographers, and for the Vogue, Bazaar, Donna, Seventeen, Madmaselle, Elle magazines
1984 Started as an independent photographer in New York, Paris and Milan
1990 Returned to Prague, Czechoslovakia
1996 - 99 Arts director of the Czech edition of Elle magazine
1999 Returned to freelance work