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New five-meter wide digital printers at Eclipse
Monday, 13 May 2002 00:00

XL JetXLJetEclipse group, industry leader in Central and Eastern Europe, has carried out a radical improvement and modernisation of its digital printing capacity. In May, two new five-meter wide printers have been introduced into production - VUTEk UltraVu 5300 and Scitex XLjet 5. While the first one is a sure bet on quality and reliability (being the third such machine in Eclipse), the second one is a novelty in Eclipse's spectrum of digital technologies. Apart from the universal nature of the machine, as declared by Scitex, VutekEclipse is also looking forward to its high printing speed and the option of double-side printing mode. This feature should help coping with the increase of new orders for backlighted boxes and simple double-sided prints, and achieve a higher quality compared to the NUR Blueboard printer currently used by Eclipse for this kind of products.

As the new machines are introduced, one of the first Idanit models - one that Eclipse has been using for five years - will be eliminated from production. Two of the oldest Eclipse digital printers, the Outboard machines (purchased originally from Scitex, now back in NUR hands) have also been removed from production. Currently, the digital capacity of Eclipse in three printing houses in Prague, Warsaw and Edeleny (Hungary), consists of the machines: 3x Vutek 5300, NUR Blueboard, Scitex XLjet 5, 2x Vutek 2360, Scitex Idanit, 3x HP DesignJet.