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Eclipse enters the UK-market
Sunday, 09 June 2002 00:00

TravelodgeThe very active German branch has obtained a big order from a new market - the print and application of vinyl foils for 50 trucks, each 40 feet long. It is the biggest truck advertising campaign ever seen in the United Kingdom. The client has decided for a full coverage, meaning both sides and the back of the trucks had to be covered. The Eclipse printing house in Prague was in charge to print and laminate approx. 3,500 m2 of self-adhesive foils. The Czech specialist applied them directly in the U.K. This is another proof of a new trend of international co-operation within the Eclipse Group.

Travelodge"It was not so much a question of printing the vinyl in this quantity - we are a large format printing house and have enough capacities', but merely the logistics for the application and even more for the haulage company in order to supply our fitting crew continuously with trucks to guarantee an uninterrupted application process was a challenge. They have done a great job, since, let’s be frank, taking a truck off the road and getting it ready for application, which involves cleaning and drying, during normal business routine is a task on it's own." said Mr. Dierk Heitzler of the Berlin branch who negotiated this exceptional order. He further said "I am very confident that our Group has further established itself as a reliable and effective supplier for this kind of outdoor campaigns and our partner, who is the market leader for truck advertising in the U.K., has proven to the British advertising community that quality and quantity is a sure bet to get utmost attention. Many people speak about a campaign like this, but really doing it is a complete different ball game."

The 50 trucks will be seen on motorways all over the United Kingdom. The impact on commuters on the roads, although in a very early stage of the campaign, has already been tremendous. The UK-feedback so far has exceeded the expectations of the advertiser and it is a question of time until an advertiser will top this campaign.