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Delvita interior decorations
Friday, 20 December 2002 00:00

delvita The Delvita international network of supermarkets has chosen a simple, but very interesting and functional system of interior decorations, which will be introduced in all their stores in the Czech Republic. It is based on 58 "pictogram" signs, depicting all areas of products on offer. Emphasis is placed on quality of manufacturing.

All the 80 x 80 format motifs are printed digitally on the Vutek 2360 on shiny self-adhesive foil, which is further stabilised by lamination. It is pasted on both sides of a 5mm thick foam light board, which provides 100% firmness, looks solid, but is very light.

What influenced the choice of the technology, was the decision taken by Delvita not to change the image of all stores at once. Original solutions are prepared for each store, making it possible to define separate sets of pictograms, or change their size.

It has therefore been possible to spread one large investment over one year. Digital printing, which is more time-consuming than screen printing, could be completed - thanks to the extensive manufacturing and technological capacity available - in the Eclipse plant itself (laminating machines, cutting plotter).