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Delvita interior decorations
Friday, 20 December 2002 00:00

delvita The Delvita international network of supermarkets has chosen a simple, but very interesting and functional system of interior decorations, which will be introduced in all their stores in the Czech Republic. It is based on 58 "pictogram" signs, depicting all areas of products on offer. Emphasis is placed on quality of manufacturing.

All the 80 x 80 format motifs are printed digitally on the Vutek 2360 on shiny self-adhesive foil, which is further stabilised by lamination. It is pasted on both sides of a 5mm thick foam light board, which provides 100% firmness, looks solid, but is very light.

What influenced the choice of the technology, was the decision taken by Delvita not to change the image of all stores at once. Original solutions are prepared for each store, making it possible to define separate sets of pictograms, or change their size.

It has therefore been possible to spread one large investment over one year. Digital printing, which is more time-consuming than screen printing, could be completed - thanks to the extensive manufacturing and technological capacity available - in the Eclipse plant itself (laminating machines, cutting plotter).

Strengthening screen printing in Eclipse, a. s.
Thursday, 19 September 2002 00:00
sias edelenyTwo new reinforcements of the Eclipse screen printing fleet have started regular operations. The Prague printing house has bought a 180 x 150 cm configuration of the Sias Multiformula machine from the Italian manufacturer of the same name. This is the first step towards a diversification of the range of screen printing machines, dominated to date by the Swedish Svecia machines. The Sias has been working as a single colour machine with a drying line, but it can be expanded to a four-colour automatic machine depending on its results and market developments.

Sias can manage all flat materials up to 7 mm thick.

The Hungarian printing house in Edeleny near Miskolc is expanding its capacity – both the building, and the technological equipment is being expanded. Prior to a planned addition to the digital printers, the fourth automatic, 180 x 140 cm Svecia SAM II machine has been installed. Eclipse owns a total of 11 Svecia printers located in three printing houses, of which two are multi-colour lines and one 4 x 2 m Jumbo.

Decorations for the Budapest Open Air Festival in Budapest
Sunday, 04 August 2002 00:00

music stage The organiser of the traditional music festival was seeking a new supplier of special mesh to cover the loudspeaker towers on the stage. The ordinary mesh absorbs and distorts sound. Eclipse offered very thin, natural gauze mesh, which turned out to be fully satisfactory. The job was printed in the Prague printing house at the presence of the client, who did not hesitate to travel from abroad for this purpose. The Hungarian branch thus gained an interesting order including two 6 x 8 m big gauze decorations for loudspeakers, an 18 m long decoration for the stage, billboards, a number of advertising banners, flags and decorations, information stands and self-adhesive accessories for the supplementary eye-catcher

The 10-th annual Island Festival was visited by more than 350 thousand visitors. They could choose from 80 foreign bands and 1000 other events.

Inflatables for the Baltic region
Wednesday, 17 July 2002 00:00

Alldays Eclipse has delivered an exclusive job to the Baltics subsidiary of Procter & Gamble. As part of the client’s advertising campaign to mark the fifth anniversary of introducing Allways and Alldays brands in the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian markets, Eclipse has delivered 1000 shop displays and eighteen large size inflatables to these countries in order to promote these brands.

The irregularly shaped shop displays were the first larger order for the new adhesive laminating machine in the Prague printing house of Eclipse. The screen machines did not print directly on the thick carton boards, instead, 150 g/m2 paper was used as the medium for six colour screen printing. More than 8000 m2 of paper was used up for the 1000 displays. Using the new automatic machine, the paper sheets were subsequently attached onto the boards, and then all display segments were cut out of the boards. Eclipse experts have designed the segments so that the displays could be shipped flat, and simply assembled at the destination.

The inflatables were printed with digital technology, on special light fabric similar to silk used for balloons. The surface of one, 2,6 m high inflatable is 35 m2. The total printed surface of all eighteen inflatables of both versions was 470 m2 and they take up 165 m3 of space.

Inflatables are becoming ever more popular as eye-catchers at promotional events, due to their attractiveness, impressiveness and easy handling and installation.

Thermotransfer sublimation printing
Tuesday, 11 June 2002 00:00
ThermotransferFiat flag Eclipse has expanded its offer by thermotransfer sublimation printing products. This technique is mainly used to print on textiles, primarily polyester-based ones. This is a complex printing technique, consisting of two distinct steps - the first step involves printing of thermotransfer paper, the second involves the transfer of the print from the paper onto the fabric.

Eclipse makes use of its wide screen printing capacity to print the transfer paper, with technology adjusted to this printing method - special sublimation inks are used, and printed as a mirror image. The main printing machine used for printing transfer papers is the 3-automatic 4 x 2 m Svecia SM Jumbo, which had been obtained with a view to this kind of application. However, other machines are also used to print transfer papers, mainly when smaller formats or larger runs are printed.The transfer process itself is based purely on chemical and physical reactions. The transfer paper is heated to approximately 210° Centigrade - at such temperatures, the sublimation inks vaporise, and are then captured by the polyester fibres of the fabric, which is pressed on the transfer paper at high pressure.

This printing technique is used in the textile industry as well - fashion, decorative fabric, as well as upholstery fabric for furniture is made by thermal transfer. The sublimation paper, however, is made not by screen, but by gravure printing in rolls. The transfer process is then realised in a "roll to roll" mode, and high performance calenders are used.

BerlinEclipse uses transfer technology mainly to manufacture textiles for advertising - flags, sunshades, umbrellas, tablecloths, covers, and for making sports dresses, shirts and other apparel. To facilitate such production, Eclipse has invested in a Monti Antonio Speedsport 97 combined transfer calender, which enables a number of working modes (from sheets, from roll and sheets, and from rolls), making its performance and versatility satisfactory for this type of production. The machine, made by the leading Italian manufacturer, has a working width of 200 cm, and a 100 cm diameter transfer drum. In practice, this enables the printing on two meters wide and almost infinitely long pieces of textile. Thanks to having obtained this equipment and perfected the technology of sublimation paper printing, Eclipse has significantly expanded its possibilities and offer range in the area of textile printing.

In addition to the existing option of direct printing of textiles on digital machines, transfer printing has been added with all its advantages – high productivity, lower unit prices at higher print runs in comparison with digital printing, excellent penetration of the ink needed particularly for flags viewed from both sides, long durability of colour, and the possibility to use raster printing and direct colours at excellent quality, meaning an edge over direct printing of textile by silk screen technology.

Eclipse enters the UK-market
Sunday, 09 June 2002 00:00

TravelodgeThe very active German branch has obtained a big order from a new market - the print and application of vinyl foils for 50 trucks, each 40 feet long. It is the biggest truck advertising campaign ever seen in the United Kingdom. The client has decided for a full coverage, meaning both sides and the back of the trucks had to be covered. The Eclipse printing house in Prague was in charge to print and laminate approx. 3,500 m2 of self-adhesive foils. The Czech specialist applied them directly in the U.K. This is another proof of a new trend of international co-operation within the Eclipse Group.

Travelodge"It was not so much a question of printing the vinyl in this quantity - we are a large format printing house and have enough capacities', but merely the logistics for the application and even more for the haulage company in order to supply our fitting crew continuously with trucks to guarantee an uninterrupted application process was a challenge. They have done a great job, since, let’s be frank, taking a truck off the road and getting it ready for application, which involves cleaning and drying, during normal business routine is a task on it's own." said Mr. Dierk Heitzler of the Berlin branch who negotiated this exceptional order. He further said "I am very confident that our Group has further established itself as a reliable and effective supplier for this kind of outdoor campaigns and our partner, who is the market leader for truck advertising in the U.K., has proven to the British advertising community that quality and quantity is a sure bet to get utmost attention. Many people speak about a campaign like this, but really doing it is a complete different ball game."

The 50 trucks will be seen on motorways all over the United Kingdom. The impact on commuters on the roads, although in a very early stage of the campaign, has already been tremendous. The UK-feedback so far has exceeded the expectations of the advertiser and it is a question of time until an advertiser will top this campaign.

New five-meter wide digital printers at Eclipse
Monday, 13 May 2002 00:00

XL JetXLJetEclipse group, industry leader in Central and Eastern Europe, has carried out a radical improvement and modernisation of its digital printing capacity. In May, two new five-meter wide printers have been introduced into production - VUTEk UltraVu 5300 and Scitex XLjet 5. While the first one is a sure bet on quality and reliability (being the third such machine in Eclipse), the second one is a novelty in Eclipse's spectrum of digital technologies. Apart from the universal nature of the machine, as declared by Scitex, VutekEclipse is also looking forward to its high printing speed and the option of double-side printing mode. This feature should help coping with the increase of new orders for backlighted boxes and simple double-sided prints, and achieve a higher quality compared to the NUR Blueboard printer currently used by Eclipse for this kind of products.

As the new machines are introduced, one of the first Idanit models - one that Eclipse has been using for five years - will be eliminated from production. Two of the oldest Eclipse digital printers, the Outboard machines (purchased originally from Scitex, now back in NUR hands) have also been removed from production. Currently, the digital capacity of Eclipse in three printing houses in Prague, Warsaw and Edeleny (Hungary), consists of the machines: 3x Vutek 5300, NUR Blueboard, Scitex XLjet 5, 2x Vutek 2360, Scitex Idanit, 3x HP DesignJet.

Eclipse Belgrade - the fourteenth sales branch of Eclipse in Europe
Monday, 22 April 2002 00:00

Map citiesThe printing house Eclipse has been doing business in the countries of former Yugoslavia for several years. The opening of a permanent branch in Belgrade is a further proof of stabilization in this region. Since February 2001, a successful Eclipse branch has been active in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Both branches are going to cooperate closely in the whole region including Monte Negro, Kosovo and neighboring Macedonia.

Laszlo Koczan, with two years of valuable and successful regional experience, has been appointed as director of the Yugoslavian branch. During this period he has gained many prestigious orders for Eclipse.

Eclipse has further strengthened its significant position on this market with great growth potential.

Eclipse - Erotic, Art and Large Format Printing on Publica 2002
Wednesday, 10 April 2002 00:00
Publica PublicaEclipse - on the Publica 2002, the international production giant of advertising goods and accessories shows an artistic point of view. "In bed with Milan", runs this year's slogan of the producer of high quality printed goods; an erotic exhibition of Robert Vano, a star photographer, who is well known in the fashion branch and who has already published his work in Vogue and Elle. This exhibition conveys the visitors his modern, exclusive and individual art of photography, for the first time presented in large printed format. In close co-operation with Vano, all products were created in black- white contrast, made by the only producer, Eclipse.

The change at the top of Eclipse Austria, which took place one year ago, has been accompanied by sensational success. The young, very ambitious team formed around Managing Director Mag. Peter Spieß presented on Publica 2002 over 30 different materials printed with extraordinary motifs of Robert Vano. Vano is reputed to be a charitable extremist among international photographers because, as he always mentions, he "just does things, which he wants to do right now."

Publica "We choose Robert Vano because of the unique synergy of art and print in order to increase our reputation here in Austria. The overwhelmingly positive feedback of our clients on the fair and the fact, that more than 600 posters were demanded during Vano's autograph hour shows, that we already succeeded in our intention", says Mag. Spieß.

Eclipse offers with its 16 different product categories a wide, yet tailor-made range of products for the international advertising industry. As the only supplier of digital, screen and offset printing on the Austrian market, Eclipse counts as one of the top addresses of the domestic and international printing branch. The digital printings on the exhibition were solely produced on 5-meter machines from VUTEK, SCITEX and NUR, which shows the diverse possibilities of this exclusive manufacturer.
A tremendous feedback was already noticed in the first days after the fair; the increase of reputation on the market as a consequence of the success of Publica 2002 for Eclipse. This symbiosis of quality and offer supports the importance of Eclipse on the Austrian advertising market as a competitive partner in cooperation.

Reklama 2002 exhibition, February 27- March 1, Praha
Wednesday, 27 February 2002 00:00
Foto In line with tradition, Eclipse boasted the largest stand at the Reklama and Polygraf exhibition. The entire 132 m2 space was used to present a somewhat controversial project titled "In Bed with Milan", created by well-known fashion, advertising and arts photographer Robert Vano.
The company stepped back "into the background" intentionally, to emphasize the content of the exposition. They gave up the merry colours, so typical of exhibition stands, and focused on high quality full-colour prints of black-and-white photographs. It became apparent, that to achieve a rich scale of grey and plasticity of images by CMYK printing was an extremely challenging task. 44 prints of art photographs were printed on twenty different types of material, total space printed exceeding 200 m2.

The modest and unpretending exposition, creating the atmosphere of a gallery rather than of a folksy fairground, became an original and favoured spot of the exhibition.
An opportunity to get an autograph from photographer Robert Vano, who was present in person, became the highlight of the exposition. The high number of Vano's female admirers and people seeking an autograph filled the premises, and the stock of 500 posters and 1000 purpose-made leaflets was gone in half an hour.

It is clear from the visitors‘ reactions, that Eclipse was successful in creating a fusion between large-format printing and art. People also appreciated that the company mastered the adaptation of full colour printing of black-and-white photographs, and last but not least, they challenged some old taboos.

FotoRobert Vano

1948 Born in Czechoslovakia.
1970 Started to work in New York as make-up artist and assistant to fashion photographers, and for the Vogue, Bazaar, Donna, Seventeen, Madmaselle, Elle magazines
1984 Started as an independent photographer in New York, Paris and Milan
1990 Returned to Prague, Czechoslovakia
1996 - 99 Arts director of the Czech edition of Elle magazine
1999 Returned to freelance work

Christmas campaign
Monday, 21 January 2002 00:00

MousepadsEclipse would like to make people happier by its products, and bring benefits to all of our consumers. However, most of our products are too big to be taken home. Mousepads - products very much favoured by our customers - are an exception. During the year, it's mostly companies that order advertising mousepads of all shapes and sizes. We therefore launched a special Christmas campaign, offering original mousepads for everyone. The goal was not commercial - we wished to celebrate Christmas in this way. Commercial spots on the Evropa 2 FM radio station, and banners placed on a number of web servers pointed all those looking for a suitable Christmas present to the www.mousepads-shop.com website.

At this site, everybody could choose and order a mousepad from our catalogue, or send an image to be printed on it.
During the three weeks, 800 mousepads ended up under the Christmas trees, one third of them carrying images sent by the customers - drawings of children, photos of children, friends, holiday images, jokes, etc. The most popular motifs from the catalogue included jumping dolphins, tigers, bunnies, a kitten in a basket, and cats in swimsuits. They were followed in popularity by pictures of fast cars, airplanes, cities'and the countryside. We believe that the gifts, and the attention of their loved ones, delighted all those who received them. Eclipse would like to join in wishing all the best for the festive season.