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Press report Eclipse - non-commercial campaign against racism
Monday, 09 April 2001 00:00

Eclipse Company had to face an imputation of private person from Prague in the last year, because of allegedly racist tuned advertisement, where a character of subdealer appeared on one of the motives of yearly campaign, and it was presented by afro-american. Committee of Arbitration of the Board of Advertising has definitely turned to scale that Eclipse is innocent and it found the imputation as baseless at that time - see "Controversy over Racist Advertising".

Eclipse react to all such imputation now and manifest its opinion by kind of non-commercial presentation on 105 billboards with motive of mosaic, which is composed from parts of variously colored human bodies, with claim: "Color of our skin lies about us like if somebody prints!" (kind of Czech proverb).

Motiv M Plocha M

Eclipse has joined other big companies, which were addressed by advertising agency Dorland to accompany the project of anti-racist campaign "A SPONSOR OF HEALTHY BRAINS". This offer was accepted with pleasure because Eclipse represents an international company that go in hundred percent anti-racist opinions and positions.