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Four color screen printing line SVECIA SAMX-4
Monday, 09 April 2001 00:00

In a record time of six days, the eleventh screen printing machine in a row, the new automatic four color line Svecia SAMX - 1600 x 2100 has been installed in Eclipse at the end of November, 2000. ( S - Svecia, AM-automatic, X for Expandable, 4 - four colors, 1600 x 2100 is the printing format). The machine prints at a maximum speed of 750 sheets per hour, features a modern UV flash drying system, and UV resistant inks are used for printing. Advantageously, ready prints leave the machine. The UV flash takes care of drying after the first three printing ink stages, and higher output UV light finishes the processing after the fourth color applied.

Svecia Various materials up to 7 mm thickness can be printed on by the machine city-light and billboard paper, adhesive foils and paper, carton, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, vinyl (flag fabric), hardened PVC, Plexi-glass, foam boards, etc.
The machine has been made to order in Sweden, (with some of the components originating in Spain and Holland). Each such machine is in fact an original, tailor-made to individual customer requirements. The version made for Eclipse contains two extra vacuum zones, and a separable feeder on rails, enabling manual feeding of non-standard materials. The machine is modular and expandable. The first and the last printing sections are the basic elements, any number of further printing sections can be inserted in the sequence. The machine is equipped by an automatic feeder and stacker according to the needs of the customer.

Clients of Eclipse had an opportunity to see the equipment in action during the Day of Open Doors event, named Mission: James Bond Party. The first results appear to prove that the significant investment of 41 million crowns was a wise decision and a good move, helping the company to respond to ever growing customer demand for products printed with screen printing technology.