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Eclipse and James Bond another time
Thursday, 19 April 2001 00:00

After a very successful James Bond Party at the end of the last year Eclipse continued on this year's exhibition Reklama 2001, that came off between 28. 2. and 2. 3. on Prague's Exhibition ground, and the whole exposition conceived as continuing of agent 007 mission. It was very peculiarly named as James Bond: Large Format Mission.

The exhibition area has grown up to 168 m2 against the last year. The base of the stand had been made by almost 8 m high, 11 m long and 4 m wide construction. This construction had one hidden surprise presented by sort of movie-bar. The visitors could watch the best of famous scenes from Bond movies there, listen to the soundtracks and drink the traditional Martini with vodka.
Along the main construction, where the print of large-format banners had been presented, James Bond in several images appeared also at another products of large format advertising from Eclipse´s usual offer (e. g. city-light, flags, displays, backlight panel or carousel with wide spectrum of samples made from usually printed materials).

GalerieDefinitely the best showstopper, that represented Eclipse on the exhibition for this year, was a typical Bond's car BMW Z3, that was located at the front of the stand area. The car had been completely coated into styled Bond's image during the exhibition. It was sticked over with a special printed 3M foil even in all the details and complicated shapes such as handles or air holes on fenders. Specialists from Eclipse proved that they are able to stick the foil really on anything.
The James Bond had watched you fairly everywhere - the first catch at the gate of the exhibition grounds, another five agents tried to shoot on you from the great banners on the way to the building. Bonds followed you on the way from entrance to the Eclipse’s stand performed by floor graphics and at the end the ten Bond-displays arrested you from the backside of projecting construction of the stand itself.

Besides the traditional presentation of large format printing Eclipse appeared this time also in a right part of exhibition building in 3D advertising section. Its offer of mouse-pads was presented there.
Eclipse offers this interesting advertising and commercial article also in its internet-shop www.mousepads-shop.com, which was shown as newcomer on this stand.
James Bond: Large Format Mission was a very successful presentation of Eclipse - like a large format printing house with European importance. It is evident not just from returns of local but also foreign visitors of this year's Reklama 2001and from Eclipse's customers from central and eastern Europe region too.