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A new image for Eclipse
Monday, 11 June 2001 00:00

The printing house Eclipse decided to modify its image. Just as other companies do, Eclipse attempts to convey dynamism, creativity and permanent progress by its new image.

New Logo The logo, that has become somewhat commonplace by now, has been changed into a two-colour one, by adding a touch of the brush around the logo. The subtitle "your printing company" appears in a third colour now, it has also been moved and rotated.

Other graphic components of the Eclipse image have changed, too. The elements company jargon had called "smudges" have turned into a "zigzag", and a change in colour tones and shape based on free variations on the logo letters increased the graphic clarity of this motif. This also applies to the next graphic element - the "printed by..." stamp.

On the whole, Eclipse attempted to keep some degree of continuity of image rather than opt for a radical change. This is perhaps most obvious on the new element of the image, the "e" logo, where the first letter of the new logo combines with the old logo.

Eclipse implements the image change gradually, no strict deadline of change has been given. Of course, the change of image applies to all Eclipse group companies, based at fourteen locations of Central and Eastern Europe.