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NUR Blueboard in Eclipse
Monday, 15 October 2001 00:00
In the printing house of Eclipse in Prague, another large format digital printing machine has been introduced into operation. In addition to the two Vutek 5300 machines, the two Vutek 2360 printers and to the Scitex Idanit, a new NUR Blueboard HiQ+ has been added to the ranks of technology in Eclipse.

NURContinuous inkjet technology, a specific feature of the Blueboard machines, is thus returning to Eclipse again, following the recently deactivated NUR Outboard printers. The key parameters of the machine are 5 m printing width, and 30 m2 per hour printing speed.

The growth of order numbers from the existing Central and Eastern European markets, and the opening of further sales branches (recently in Sarajevo to cover South-Eastern Europe, and in Berlin) necessitated investment in capacity expansion. The current volumes and structure of jobs have made it possible to consider directing certain types of jobs to particular machines. Thus, Eclipse is introducing a new element to its services - specialization within digital large format printing. In addition to the universal utilization of printing machines practiced to date, Eclipse now can deepen the trend of manufacturing products mainly on the machines most suitable for the given product.
First of all, the Blueboard will unburden the Vutek 5300 machines from the mesh-based jobs, and from double side mode printing for backlighted boxes. The five-meter Vutek machines will therefore be used mainly for printing on vinyl and self-adhesive foils in larger formats, flags and other textiles.
The two-meter Vuteks are reserved for smaller format, high resolution printing on most of the materials on offer. The Idanit is most suitable for smaller runs of paper billboards.

So, in spite of the technology that appears slightly outdated by now (development clearly points towards piezo-inkjet systems), and with all its well known limitations, the machine will be fully utilized in Eclipse, due to its specialization to a particular product. Investment into this machine appeared all the more attractive considering its price, which is very good now due to its technological depreciation. Together with high quality requirements, economic considerations are now stronger in many European markets, and the NUR Blueboard, manufactured in various form for 10 years, can offer acceptable quality for a good price.
The future investment priorities of Eclipse are aimed at new areas: printing on hard substrates (boards), UV ink printing, and high-resolution printing. Recent dynamic development of large format printers with solvent-based and UV inks and high printing speed create real potential for using these machines for these new substrates.