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Eclipse annual social event
Tuesday, 18 December 2001 00:00

meeting5Annual meeting in Eclipse represents an exceptional opportunity to learn about the advertising market, and about large format printing in the twenty countries Eclipse operates in. In the Prague head office, the Sales Directors present their annual results against the wider context of their home countries, and their business strategy going forward. Despite significant differences in the state of the advertising market and the prevailing rules, the presentations are very inspiring.

The management's report presents an overall view of the firm's development and future direction, the marketing strategy, and internal communication. Special attention is devoted to technological novelties, their utilisation, and showing our new colleagues around the printing house.

CartoucheThe two-day's meeting had a very busy schedule, so the informal socializing had to wait until the end of the event, at the pleasant surroundings of the Cartouche restaurant. Many participants met for the first time here - new branches have been established in Berlin and in Sarajevo, a new printing house opened in Warsaw, other branches have expanded significantly. For many, the annual party is the first opportunity to have a face-to-face chat, instead of exchanging e-mail messages. No wonder - the most distant branches, Berlin, Bucharest and Moscow - form a triangle on the map with its apexes 1800 km far from each other!

Eclipse 2001

  • 13 sales branches in 11 countries, sales in 20 states of Europe, including Georgia
  • 3 printing houses (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary)
  • 400 staff