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New Year
Monday, 31 December 2001 00:00

New YearEclipse, a. s. wishes you all a happy and successful new year 2002

Eclipse annual social event
Tuesday, 18 December 2001 00:00

meeting5Annual meeting in Eclipse represents an exceptional opportunity to learn about the advertising market, and about large format printing in the twenty countries Eclipse operates in. In the Prague head office, the Sales Directors present their annual results against the wider context of their home countries, and their business strategy going forward. Despite significant differences in the state of the advertising market and the prevailing rules, the presentations are very inspiring.

The management's report presents an overall view of the firm's development and future direction, the marketing strategy, and internal communication. Special attention is devoted to technological novelties, their utilisation, and showing our new colleagues around the printing house.

CartoucheThe two-day's meeting had a very busy schedule, so the informal socializing had to wait until the end of the event, at the pleasant surroundings of the Cartouche restaurant. Many participants met for the first time here - new branches have been established in Berlin and in Sarajevo, a new printing house opened in Warsaw, other branches have expanded significantly. For many, the annual party is the first opportunity to have a face-to-face chat, instead of exchanging e-mail messages. No wonder - the most distant branches, Berlin, Bucharest and Moscow - form a triangle on the map with its apexes 1800 km far from each other!

Eclipse 2001

  • 13 sales branches in 11 countries, sales in 20 states of Europe, including Georgia
  • 3 printing houses (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary)
  • 400 staff
Megaboards for Berlin
Thursday, 22 November 2001 00:00

MBThe youngest and the most western branch of the Eclipse family is successfully growing. Since it was established half a year ago, the Berlin branch has prepared several interesting jobs.

Mr. Dierk Heitzler, Director of eclipse GmbH Germany, evaluated the actual situation as very promising - "eclipse GmbH has already received several jobs for the production of megaboards, for outdoor and indoor that is. One of our bigger ones for outdoor usage had 24 meters width. Another with some sort of Pop-Art image was difficult to realize, since an unusual finishing on the back of the PVC-mesh was required by the static team of the client. 2 covering pockets which were high-frequency welded onto the upper and lower back part of this megaboard insured perfect hold to
the additional horizontal bars which are hidden behind the megaboard."

Eclipse - Central and Eastern European market leader in LFP production - obtains ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification
Thursday, 25 October 2001 00:00
logoOn 13th September 2001, Eclipse a.s. successfully completed the certification audit procedure in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. The audit has been performed by the Czech branch of the British company BVQI, which operates in 36 countries worldwide. Eclipse, a company with manufacturing plants and sales branches in fifteen European countries, decided to apply the prestigious and globally recognized British standard, and request British accreditation.

The successful ISO audit was preceded by detailed analyses, testing and improvements of all business processes with an impact on the quality of products and services.

The ISO 9001:2000 standard covers all manufacturing and sales activities of Eclipse, which thus assumes a number of high standard commitments to all its customers.

NUR Blueboard in Eclipse
Monday, 15 October 2001 00:00
In the printing house of Eclipse in Prague, another large format digital printing machine has been introduced into operation. In addition to the two Vutek 5300 machines, the two Vutek 2360 printers and to the Scitex Idanit, a new NUR Blueboard HiQ+ has been added to the ranks of technology in Eclipse.

NURContinuous inkjet technology, a specific feature of the Blueboard machines, is thus returning to Eclipse again, following the recently deactivated NUR Outboard printers. The key parameters of the machine are 5 m printing width, and 30 m2 per hour printing speed.

The growth of order numbers from the existing Central and Eastern European markets, and the opening of further sales branches (recently in Sarajevo to cover South-Eastern Europe, and in Berlin) necessitated investment in capacity expansion. The current volumes and structure of jobs have made it possible to consider directing certain types of jobs to particular machines. Thus, Eclipse is introducing a new element to its services - specialization within digital large format printing. In addition to the universal utilization of printing machines practiced to date, Eclipse now can deepen the trend of manufacturing products mainly on the machines most suitable for the given product.
First of all, the Blueboard will unburden the Vutek 5300 machines from the mesh-based jobs, and from double side mode printing for backlighted boxes. The five-meter Vutek machines will therefore be used mainly for printing on vinyl and self-adhesive foils in larger formats, flags and other textiles.
The two-meter Vuteks are reserved for smaller format, high resolution printing on most of the materials on offer. The Idanit is most suitable for smaller runs of paper billboards.

So, in spite of the technology that appears slightly outdated by now (development clearly points towards piezo-inkjet systems), and with all its well known limitations, the machine will be fully utilized in Eclipse, due to its specialization to a particular product. Investment into this machine appeared all the more attractive considering its price, which is very good now due to its technological depreciation. Together with high quality requirements, economic considerations are now stronger in many European markets, and the NUR Blueboard, manufactured in various form for 10 years, can offer acceptable quality for a good price.
The future investment priorities of Eclipse are aimed at new areas: printing on hard substrates (boards), UV ink printing, and high-resolution printing. Recent dynamic development of large format printers with solvent-based and UV inks and high printing speed create real potential for using these machines for these new substrates.

A new image for Eclipse
Monday, 11 June 2001 00:00

The printing house Eclipse decided to modify its image. Just as other companies do, Eclipse attempts to convey dynamism, creativity and permanent progress by its new image.

New Logo The logo, that has become somewhat commonplace by now, has been changed into a two-colour one, by adding a touch of the brush around the logo. The subtitle "your printing company" appears in a third colour now, it has also been moved and rotated.

Other graphic components of the Eclipse image have changed, too. The elements company jargon had called "smudges" have turned into a "zigzag", and a change in colour tones and shape based on free variations on the logo letters increased the graphic clarity of this motif. This also applies to the next graphic element - the "printed by..." stamp.

On the whole, Eclipse attempted to keep some degree of continuity of image rather than opt for a radical change. This is perhaps most obvious on the new element of the image, the "e" logo, where the first letter of the new logo combines with the old logo.

Eclipse implements the image change gradually, no strict deadline of change has been given. Of course, the change of image applies to all Eclipse group companies, based at fourteen locations of Central and Eastern Europe.

New branches
Wednesday, 30 May 2001 00:00

MapsIn May 2001 there was started the company business of Eclipse Berlin which is the 13th business branch offering the large format printing production.

Mr. Dierk Heitzler got a commission as the Director of the branch. Eclipse objectives are to offer the top quality and first-rate service to German clients. Foremost Prague and Warsaw printing houses are going to produce for German market.

In February 2001 Eclipse entered the market in Bosna and Hercegovina.There has been realized many orders untill now and Eclipse got an eminent market share during a short period. Dino Dautovic got a commission as the Director of the branch. He was co-operated with Eclipse in the past and he was working as a Production Manager of digital printing.

Reclama 2001 - Bucuresti, Romania
Tuesday, 22 May 2001 00:00

After the cities'Prague and Vienna, Romanian Bucharest has become a third city where the printing house Eclipse has presented the spectrum of producing potentials to her customers. As it has already happened a tradition, Eclipse dominated not only with her own stand at the exhibition but especially with the offer of services.
During the four days of duration of the exhibition the representatives of Eclipse has dealt with 126 clients about a co-operations, one third had been represented by the advertising agencies.

Eclipse and James Bond another time
Thursday, 19 April 2001 00:00

After a very successful James Bond Party at the end of the last year Eclipse continued on this year's exhibition Reklama 2001, that came off between 28. 2. and 2. 3. on Prague's Exhibition ground, and the whole exposition conceived as continuing of agent 007 mission. It was very peculiarly named as James Bond: Large Format Mission.

The exhibition area has grown up to 168 m2 against the last year. The base of the stand had been made by almost 8 m high, 11 m long and 4 m wide construction. This construction had one hidden surprise presented by sort of movie-bar. The visitors could watch the best of famous scenes from Bond movies there, listen to the soundtracks and drink the traditional Martini with vodka.
Along the main construction, where the print of large-format banners had been presented, James Bond in several images appeared also at another products of large format advertising from Eclipse´s usual offer (e. g. city-light, flags, displays, backlight panel or carousel with wide spectrum of samples made from usually printed materials).

GalerieDefinitely the best showstopper, that represented Eclipse on the exhibition for this year, was a typical Bond's car BMW Z3, that was located at the front of the stand area. The car had been completely coated into styled Bond's image during the exhibition. It was sticked over with a special printed 3M foil even in all the details and complicated shapes such as handles or air holes on fenders. Specialists from Eclipse proved that they are able to stick the foil really on anything.
The James Bond had watched you fairly everywhere - the first catch at the gate of the exhibition grounds, another five agents tried to shoot on you from the great banners on the way to the building. Bonds followed you on the way from entrance to the Eclipse’s stand performed by floor graphics and at the end the ten Bond-displays arrested you from the backside of projecting construction of the stand itself.

Besides the traditional presentation of large format printing Eclipse appeared this time also in a right part of exhibition building in 3D advertising section. Its offer of mouse-pads was presented there.
Eclipse offers this interesting advertising and commercial article also in its internet-shop www.mousepads-shop.com, which was shown as newcomer on this stand.
James Bond: Large Format Mission was a very successful presentation of Eclipse - like a large format printing house with European importance. It is evident not just from returns of local but also foreign visitors of this year's Reklama 2001and from Eclipse's customers from central and eastern Europe region too.

Four color screen printing line SVECIA SAMX-4
Monday, 09 April 2001 00:00

In a record time of six days, the eleventh screen printing machine in a row, the new automatic four color line Svecia SAMX - 1600 x 2100 has been installed in Eclipse at the end of November, 2000. ( S - Svecia, AM-automatic, X for Expandable, 4 - four colors, 1600 x 2100 is the printing format). The machine prints at a maximum speed of 750 sheets per hour, features a modern UV flash drying system, and UV resistant inks are used for printing. Advantageously, ready prints leave the machine. The UV flash takes care of drying after the first three printing ink stages, and higher output UV light finishes the processing after the fourth color applied.

Svecia Various materials up to 7 mm thickness can be printed on by the machine city-light and billboard paper, adhesive foils and paper, carton, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, vinyl (flag fabric), hardened PVC, Plexi-glass, foam boards, etc.
The machine has been made to order in Sweden, (with some of the components originating in Spain and Holland). Each such machine is in fact an original, tailor-made to individual customer requirements. The version made for Eclipse contains two extra vacuum zones, and a separable feeder on rails, enabling manual feeding of non-standard materials. The machine is modular and expandable. The first and the last printing sections are the basic elements, any number of further printing sections can be inserted in the sequence. The machine is equipped by an automatic feeder and stacker according to the needs of the customer.

Clients of Eclipse had an opportunity to see the equipment in action during the Day of Open Doors event, named Mission: James Bond Party. The first results appear to prove that the significant investment of 41 million crowns was a wise decision and a good move, helping the company to respond to ever growing customer demand for products printed with screen printing technology.

Press report Eclipse - non-commercial campaign against racism
Monday, 09 April 2001 00:00

Eclipse Company had to face an imputation of private person from Prague in the last year, because of allegedly racist tuned advertisement, where a character of subdealer appeared on one of the motives of yearly campaign, and it was presented by afro-american. Committee of Arbitration of the Board of Advertising has definitely turned to scale that Eclipse is innocent and it found the imputation as baseless at that time - see "Controversy over Racist Advertising".

Eclipse react to all such imputation now and manifest its opinion by kind of non-commercial presentation on 105 billboards with motive of mosaic, which is composed from parts of variously colored human bodies, with claim: "Color of our skin lies about us like if somebody prints!" (kind of Czech proverb).

Motiv M Plocha M

Eclipse has joined other big companies, which were addressed by advertising agency Dorland to accompany the project of anti-racist campaign "A SPONSOR OF HEALTHY BRAINS". This offer was accepted with pleasure because Eclipse represents an international company that go in hundred percent anti-racist opinions and positions.