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Investment to technologies
Tuesday, 28 March 2000 00:00

A significant investments to technological equipment will be done in Eclipse, the biggest large-format printing house in central and eastern Europe. In Prague's screen printing production will be extended with a four-colour automat in format 210 x 160 cm with 800 sheets per hour printing capacity - printing of 100 pcs of citylights means 10 min of operation.

SveciaA Hungarian production concern in Edelény will be supplied with the fourth one-colour screen printing automat and with a complete equipment for construction, dieses production and large-format cutting.

VutekAt digital printing area the investments to machines from the best world's producer - American company Vutek - will continue. After the two machines Vutek 5300, which were supplied to Prague in 1999, they arranged another agreement about a supply of five machines Vutek 2360 for Prague and Hungarian printing house and also for another three countries, where only commercial branches are so far. So Eclipse will aquire necessary production rear even at other markets.

The last prepared activity of Eclipse is establishing - after Prague and Edelény - the third complete screen printing concern in Warsaw. A project is at preparative phase now and after choosing suppliers of technology and building the construction should start at the second part of this year.