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A new director of Prague's production concern
Saturday, 01 January 2000 00:00

Ing. Petr Tichy has been appointed as the new Director of Manufacturing of the printing house of Eclipse in Prague. He is not a new personality in Eclipse, during his studies he worked on the first pieces of equipment in the company. He returned to the company after a period at the AMOS reprographic studio, where he obtained further experience in the field of pre-press.
Mr. Petr Tichy spent more than one year as deputy manufacturing director, thus preparing for the challenging position of manufacturing director. The thorough training was made necessary by the specal printing machines, all unique in the Czech Republic, complex technologies, and a demanding organisational structure of the production process. Such extensive training is common practice in Eclipse for all positions, not only management posts. Petr Tichy is replacing Mr. Vaclav Nosek, former Manufacturing Director, who will continue to focus his efforts on the strategic and leadership role as the Managing Director of the entire Eclipse group of companies.